Welcome to the NGI Atlantic project Next Generation SSI Standards

The partners in this project are Crossword Cybersecurity Ltd, Fraunhofer FHG and Spruce Systems, Inc.

Today identity theft is rife. The 5 month long Next Generation SSI Standards project, which ran from July-November 2022, has helped to strengthen the trustworthiness of the Internet by issuing people with standardised cryptographically verifiable credentials that allow relying parties to strongly identify them. Verifiable credentials remove the need for usernames and passwords, thereby significantly reducing the possibility of identity theft. Interworking tests have been carried out between Europe (Crossword Cybersecurity and Fraunhofer) and the USA (Spruce Inc.), as well as with JFF Plugfest Participants. We have used existing infrastructures wherever possible, such as the eIDAS trust lists, as well as the OpenID for Verifiable Credentials (OpenID4VCs) enhancements to the widely deployed OpenID Connect protocol suite, thereby increasing the likelihood of wide-scale adoption of SSI. The results of this project are publicly available here and at the NGI Atlantic web site.


Because the OIDC4VCs suite of protocols contains many different options and possibilities, we have defined some simple profiles for credential issued (OpenID4VCI) and credential presentation (OpenID4VPs). These profiles are being used in our interworking tests and test suites. We have developed two test suites

POSTMAN tests that send simple request messages to issuers, wallets or verifiers, and expect a certain message in return.

OIDC Conformance tests that in addition will act on redirects e.g. a smartphone browser sends a message to a Verifier tester, and receives a redirect back to the smartphone wallet which then returns a verifiable presentation to the Verifier tester.

Protocol Details
We are using a profile of the OpenID4VCI protocol to request credentials from issuers, and a profile of the OpenID4VPs protocol for presenting credentials to verifiers.

Draft versions of the OpenID4VCI protocol and OpenID4VP protocol are available from the OpenID Foundation.

The verifiable credential and verifiable presentation profiles that we issued from our issuers and wallets are available here.